Cookies and pointlessness. (But there’s no such thing as a pointless cookie.)

Nothing has made me question my life’s decisions more than these cookies.

Child is really into superheroes lately so bought these cupcake toppers on a whim to potentially use at a party. Thought I’d stick them on to cookies.
But what seemed like a good idea descended into a few hours of introspection about what the heck I am doing with my life.

Trying to bake fancy things was never one of my life goals, and yummy but aesthetically challenged food is more my style. But here I was watching YouTube videos and reading countless blogs about the best ways to stick wafer on to cookies and how to ice cookies (because apparently you need to stick them on icing I later learned). Only to discover that making circles of icing is much harder than it looks. But that’s alright, who needs a perfect circle when you can make bumpy abstract shapes, right?

Then I found myself stressing over how the images just would not adhere entirely, stirring awake my OCD side. Also throw in an argument with the husband about how he wasn’t doing it right when he tried to help.  And as my sticky hands went over each cookie, I thought and I pondered and I wondered about how I got to this point, sticking pointless wafers onto perfectly great cookies which really don’t need embellishments and all the hours I had wasted on this useless exercise when I could have been out saving the world myself. 

If you ever consider doing something like this, just remember: cookies don’t need icing which makes them sweeter than they already are. And wafer paper tastes like exactly that – paper. And most importantly, nobody cares about how a cookie looks, and you (I) shouldn’t either. Just eat them straight out of the oven, throw away the apron and put your cape back on.

PS. This doesn’t apply to people whose apron IS their cape, keep your aprons on and making yummy beautiful goodies, we need more of your superpowers!

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