The Past Six Months in Photos

Yesterday we were talking about how Cambridge has just so much material for good photos. And the husband says “Oh you don’t take good photos.”

As soon as I got over the shock of my skills being so bluntly insulted and I had managed to pull my jaw back up from the floor (a good four minutes later), I told him I could prove him wrong.  After all, hadn’t he just that very morning praised my eye for spotting a good photo angle?

He tried to backtrack by saying he meant I don’t take any photos that don’t have my son in them. Now that’s hardly true. Out of every six hundred, you can most definitely find the odd couple of photos that aren’t capturing my son’s latest antic.

“You can take good photos, but you don’t bother,” he tried to mollify me.

Uh, yeah not a good enough try. Challenge accepted.

So I dug through my phone in search of all the amazing photos I remembered taking routinely.

Okay, so maybe he was right.

But I did discover some forgotten photos from the past six months which I had spent some time in framing just right when I was out walking with the boy.

Here are some of my favourites.

Brooklands Avenue. Fall 2015.
From our favourite spot off Lamma’s Land.
Fab cloud formations. January 2016.
Coleridge Recreation Ground.
Typical Cambridge-y photo.
The sky was all pink and purple that day in December.

And finally a couple of shots from my window. The sky before sunset looks a different kind of beautiful every single day so it’s the most photographed view of mine.

Yes, those were the colours in the sky one day in September.
Another day, another sunset.

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