Indexes versus Indices: 1 am procrastination

What do you do when you have a lot of work to get done and are already past your hoped-for bedtime? Look up random facts online, of course. You know when you pronounce a word one way and the person you are talking to pronounces it completely differently –  repeatedly? It took me back to my time […]

baby photos over time

Baby Photos Over Time: Did I become less photo-obsessed as the baby grew up?

I was recently organising baby photos when I realized that this was interesting data –  how often did I grab my phone to take a photo over the months? As I carefully organized them, there definitely seemed to be fewer photos to sort through for each successive month.  So I thought I’d chart it out and […]

library charges

Libraries, Revenue Pressures and Self Defeating Measures

Slap a charge on reservations and bam, book borrowing will plummet.

Slap a charge on noticeboards and bam, the noticeboard will turn into something no one notices any longer.
Slap a charge on anything and it will reduce usage. Which is perfect if that’s what you set out to achieve. But if we are trying to make libraries self sustaining, charges may just push people out until there isn’t much left to sustain.


The Past Six Months in Photos

Yesterday we were talking about how Cambridge has just so much material for good photos. And the husband says “Oh you don’t take good photos.” As soon as I got over the shock of my skills being so bluntly insulted and I had managed to pull my jaw back up from the floor (a good four minutes […]


Discovering Rain

Baby N discovered rain today. I often wonder what goes on in children’s minds as they discover and figure out new things in the world around them. Every little thing is so new, so full of wonder for them. Every time I catch him quietly, intently watching me do something unusual, closely observing something that he hadn’t registered […]


There are Mums and Babies Who Need Our Help.

Later when I sat there tweeting about my new breakfast cereal having far too many chocolate chips, I felt really small. I’ve spent the last year being extremely grateful for God’s kindness and blessings, well aware that I’ve been very lucky.

But reading those accounts of mothers in desperate situations, the very randomness of good fortune struck anew.


“I’m almost always free.”

I read this ranty post recently about how people generally say they are busy as an excuse for being perpetually late. And if you are one of those people, your lack of respect for people’s time screams rudeness and selfishness. Read the post here.


This Stay-at-Home Mommy Stint


1.30 pm: Leap 6 is really messing with the baby’s nap schedule. I can’t get anything done with these 20 minute naps.

2.23 pm: What isn’t he napping? Why won’t he stop crying? How do other mothers deal with this? Two hours till daddy comes home…

The Obligatory End-of-Year Post

I’ve always found summing up a whole year in one word or a few to be quite cheesy. Most days in the year are, after all, simply a blur of hurried routine, a mixture of highs and lows, minor successes, disappointments, non-starters, and a smattering of both good and terrible changes.  No single event or […]


Mommy Worries

We are no strangers to insecurity. Everyday in Pakistan we are reminded of our mortality, in some parts of the country more than others, where the idea of a good day means only ten deaths in the city that day. The fear of terrible things happening to ourselves or loved ones is a permanent resident […]